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  • When

    15.05.2022 , 19:00

  • Where

    Teatr Dramatyczny m. st. Warszawy
    PKiN pl. Defilad 1 00-901 Warszawa

  • Language

    surtitled in english

  • Style / Genre

    drama theatre

  • Duration

    1 hour, 10 min

Three scuba-diving ladies meet by a lake with the aim of pushing past their own limits. They are bent on setting a new world record in diving and in so doing, overcoming their own boundaries. What is the reason behind their urgent need to reach the bottom of one of the deepest lakes? What secrets do they wish to leave behind in its dark waters?
The Lake is a story of a journey to the depths of the earth, of testing boundaries, perseverance, and an important meeting with oneself, with one’s own fears and desires. And about how not to lose one’s breath.

The play originated within the framework of the New Epiphanies Lab.


Daria Kopiec
Zuzanna Bojda
Stefan Wesołowski
scenography, costumes
Anna Tomczyńska
Jacek Owczarek
scenography designer’s assistant
Katarzyna Trzewik