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Monika Strzępka a brand new director

Monika Strzępka won the competition for the director of the Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw. It will take on a new role on September 1 for the next five artistic seasons, the theater announced on Friday, January 21. The drama theater that I will create becomes an open, socialized, democratic and ecological institution underlines Monika Strzępka in her Programme.


The Divine Comedy International Theater Festival in Krakow and its results

The jury of the 14th The Divine Comedy International Theater Festival in Krakow awarded prizes in the INFERNO and PARADISO competitions. The main prize for the best performance went jointly to the play "Uncle Wania" directed by Małgorzata Bogajewska from the Ludowy Theater in Krakow. The award ceremony took place on 11th December this year in the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Krakow.


Winter in Krakow – visiting the city with the „Krakow culture” magazine

The "Krakow Culture" is a synthetic preview of what is most interesting, inspiring and responsive to the changes in the life of the city and its community in the upcoming season of Krakow culture. Events, phenomena, people and curiosities, but also opinions and reflections of experts, publicists, artists - all presented in a graphically attractive form of a bilingual, free magazine available both in print and online.



We often speak of a "voice crying in the wilderness", but the play I am reviewing leaves us with nothing more than "Emptiness. Desert. Void". In the final act of "Red Noses", directed by Jan Klata, we hear a voice that offers neither prayer nor a complaint; there's no verbal message nor a clear recipient. It’s howling into nothingness - writes Maryla Zielińska in "Theatre" magazine about one of the perfomances awarded at the Divine Comedy International Festival in Krakow.

Current repertoire


VoiceLAB. Workshop series with Aleksandra Kotecka and Tomasz Wierzbowski with the assistance of Krzysztof Paździora

Apply by 27 September Languages: Polish and English

‘The voice is the actor’s most sensitive instrument, much more sensitive than the body.’ VoiceLAB is a laboratory of the voice. Inspired by the tradition of closed theatre studios, including Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, which focused on exploring the complexity of the actor’s art, VoiceLAB offers in-depth laboratory work zooming in on its most personal, intimate and unique element. The laboratory approach allows participants to delve deep into the essence of their own voices, not stopping at the surface that is usually defined by goals resulting from the need to present material to the public. By conducting in-depth work with the voice, you can gain a better understanding and control of this instrument. The work allows for an unhurried in-depth process of exploring your voice, its anatomy and psychology. It makes it possible to discover its full potential.

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Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Resonating Ladder

Workshop with Joanna Kurzyńska’s Voice In Progress Studio. Apply by 15 February Languages: Polish w

This intensive weekend workshop called Freeing the Natural Voice According to Kristin Linklater: The Resonating Ladder is a new workshop of the Voice In Progress Studio designed for anyone who have already learned the fundamentals of the Linklater Voice Method (e.g. during the first series of sessions led by the Voice In Progress Studio or The Touch of Sound workshops) and want to learn more.

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