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“Between the Heavens and the Stage. After the tempest?”

The 26th international Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival will be held on 27 July–6 August.Many new features are coming this year, with no less than 5 performances in the Golden Yorick finals, an international jury selecting the winners in two competitions, money prizes and increased production funding, along with a new motto to go with the entire event.“Between the Heavens and the Stage. After the tempest?”



New artistic season in TWON - six new premieres and many special events

"At the Polish Opera House is determined to provide our audiences with some unforgettable moments of artistic delight. We hope that in the 2022/2023 season all of our performances will finally go ahead as planned and we will be able to offer you an even more diversified programme in the following years. "



26th Kontakt International Theater Festival in Toruń

Four foreign performances, the premiere of the performance created by Ukrainian artists, and a new performance by Krystian Lupa are the main points of the International Theater Festival Kontakt 2022 in Toruń. In programm of the event we can find meeting with Thom Luz and the creative team of Songs without words and Yana Ross and the creative team from Tales from Vienna Woods, exibition Krystyna Meissner in Toruń, official renaming Small Stage to honour Krystyna Meissner. Foreign masters will meet with students of directing during the workshops.



Jerzy Trela ​​is dead

He was theater, film and television actor, professor at the PWST in Krakow. He co-founded Krakow’s Teatr Stu. He was 80 years old. He also played the role of, among others Gustaw and Konrad in “Dziady” by Mickiewicz (dir. Konrad Swinarski, 1973), Jasha in “The Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov (Jerzy Jarocki, 1975), Raskolnikov in “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky (dir. Maciej Prus, 1977) or Klaudiusz in “Hamlet” by Shakespeare according to Andrzej Wajda (1981).



New and original look at the complex pasts of Polish theatre

An extraordinary book on Polish theatre, "A History of Polish Theatre", has been published by the prestigious Cambridge University Press. The book is the first publication written in English, presenting wide range of theatre traditions across the history of the modern theatre.

Current repertoire



Contradictions: Balance in Chaos

Workshops on body awareness and movement in the creative process led by Matej Matejka. Apply by 4 ju

By encountering contradictions in our bodies and in the world, we learn to harmonise tensions into engagement, to build a bridge between mind and body, between control and intuition, between past and present.

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I Am

Jubilo Foundation’s theatre workshop with Diego Pileggi, Aleksandra Gronowska and members of the com

In this intensive workshop session, we will focus on physical actions and the actor’s score and on how to approach and develop them in relation to external impulses (e.g. music, partner). Instead of working on elements related to group dynamics and ensemble work, we will focus on individual tasks, improvisation and explorative elements that will allow participants to unlock their personal physical expression and to question aprioristic perceptions/interpretations of proposed working materials (e.g. text). Working with tools such as movement, text and body/voicework, each participant will be led through an explorative process acquiring new theatrical tools or deepening their relation with movement, text and body/voicework . This will open a personal creative process leading participants towards the composition of theatrical structures. The work on the body/voice and relation will be the internal compas

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The Ember. 4th Summer School of Studio Kokyu

Workshop with Joanna Kurzyńska, Marie Walker Przemysław Błaszczak with the assistance of Marta Horyz

Studio Kokyu’s fourth Summer School will be 12 days of intensive physical and vocal training focused on finding/building the presence of a performer in a group and on awakening the inner energy and creative imagination of a performer while working with movement, voice, text and song. The school will be shaped as a time of intensive physical and vocal work.

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